My son is a 27 year who was diagnosed with Aspergers over a year ago. Prior to his diagnosis, he moved to PA to be in a smaller town hoping he could fit in better in a smaller community. We have family there and he has done OK. He has a job washing dishes, but has a degree in medical technology. He struggles to get through the application process and the so settles for any job he can get. He is an incredibly hard workers, tries very hard to please and basically is a wonderful young man. He struggles becuase he tells the truth ALL THE TIME, even when it might be best to just not say anything. As you can imagine, not everyone appreciates his level of honesty. Anyway, he is coming home for a few months (maybe he will stay) becuase we thought there might be more support in a larger metro area like Seattle. we want him to meet people who can see him for the smart, witty and really decent guy he is, and can look past his quirkiness (which all of us don't understand, but love about hiim anyway). Are there social groups where I can direct him. He doesn't drive (has his license, but truly you don't want him on the roads). He has folks around here how will take him where he needs to go. I would like him to meet up with people who can relate and hopefully help him navigate through the challenges of basically living in a world that speaks a different language. Any suggestions?