This guy i have known for five years now .exhibits every characteristic of having aspergers.We have been off and on in our relationship always.And have always had issues that i could quite never understand.Mostly his odd behavior about routine,planning,rudeness ect...He never exactly explained why things had to be that way or why he acted in those manners so i just get upset think he is a jerk .He has always avoided me seeing him and being with him in social situations.But never would tell me why.Except once when i forced him to go to lunch with me and a friend And he was very awkward rambled on and talked about inappropriate things ect.....I had never seen him talk soooo much.He never has talked that much to me as he did to my friend . It was shocking and weird and actualy offended me....Why wont he talk that much to me? I was thinking.And he had no clue that he was being inapropriate.I didnt have the heart to tell him.I bumped into him at a bar recently when he saw me come in he ran out from the corner he was sitting in immediately and left.It was so strange to me.Anyways i recently asked him if he had aspergers and tried talking to him about it thru text he wont answer me or tell me yes or no nothing.....Now he wont speak to me and is ignoring me.The only response i got was leave me alone.I feel terrible and that ive embaressed him.what should i do?Why would he never tell me?How could he let me be hurt by his actions for so long when he could have just explained and helped me understand..Why would he never explain his communication difficulties to me when it would better our relationship....Help.Im so lost and hurt.I feel that he has been hiding and keeping me from seeing how he socialy acts amoung other things ect....Now he wont speak with me and i feel i upset him....what do i do?I care for him deeply.