The HeadHigh Program is a new non profit in the Seattle area to help "non-athletic" kids understand the mind-body connection through games, in a bully-free zone.  The goal is to empower kids who may never join a traditional sports team.  The experience of group success is profound, and this is FUN, POSITIVE, and affordable.

One class is scheduled to begin through the Seattle Parks and Rec department in the spring, and we will also schedule a summer camp.  We are willing to come to any facility, school, or group with our six week curriculum meeting one hour per week.   

Our most important advisory board member is a 12 year old boy in an inclusion program who has Aspergers, tourettes and OCD; struggles with obesity, bullying and borderline diabetes.

He has been in Strong Kids through the Y, in OT classes, social skill classes, has seen nutritionists, neurologists, nateuropaths, therapists and is an extreme couch potato.  Though he doesn't feel like he fits in anywhere else, He is EXCITED to be a peer counselor. That says it all. 

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